Raine Hackler

Principal – Meeting Street Academy, Spartanburg

Raine began his educational career in Canada where he received both of his Bachelor degrees in Education and Arts. After teaching there for 10 years he embarked upon a world-traveling adventure, teaching and living in Zimbabwe, Thailand and several other countries. Shortly after, he joined the Atlanta public school district while receiving his Masters degree in Educational Leadership at Georgia State University. During his rewarding work in Atlanta as both a teacher and curriculum specialist, Raine was honored with the Teacher of the Year Award, District Teacher of the Year Award, Tinfoil Star Award, Teacher of the Week Award and additional humanitarian awards celebrating his service to children. He then started a Charter School in Atlanta with a record-breaking enrollment and style of leadership new to the frontier of American education: a teaching Principal! In the school’s first year of operation, 100% of the 3rd grade students passed their state Math and Reading tests.

After sharing his success-formula with districts across America as an Educational Consultant, Raine proudly accepted the invitation to serve as Principal at the Meeting Street Academy in Spartanburg, South Carolina in 2015. It is here where he now finds his most fulfilling work, providing under-resourced students with rigorous and rewarding educational experiences while adhering to an invaluable set of principles and character traits. A speaker of seven languages, Raine has co-written national multi-cultural curriculum, language arts resources, provincial assessments and educational research with a vision of moving the lever forward for all students across the globe. When he is not working in classrooms, Raine enjoys composing music, playing the piano, running, writing, laughing and spending quality time with his four sons.

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