Public/Private Partnership

What is a public-private partnership?

Meeting Street Schools pioneered the concept of a public-private partnership between school districts and private contributors. In 2014, with the opening of MSE@Brentwood in partnership with Charleston County School District, MSE@B became the first of its kind public-private not-for-profit partnership school in South Carolina. Subsequently, Meeting Street Academy- Spartanburg partnered with Spartanburg District 7 (“D7”) in 2016 to become the second public-private partnership school in our state.


Within these partnership structures, MSS provides its targeted and proven model in some of the most challenged schools in the most under-resourced neighborhoods. With the shared commitment of CCSD and D7, we are working to create a sustainable model that could serve public schools throughout South Carolina.

How does it work?

MSE@Brentwood, MSE@Burns, and MSA-Spartanburg are traditional public elementary schools open to all families living in defined geographic attendance zones. The School Districts fully fund the normal per-pupil cost they would otherwise be spending, and MSS layers on additional funding to ensure the full execution of our proven educational model.

MSS funding makes the following possible at MSE@Brentwood, MSE@Burns, and MSA-Spartanburg:

  • PK3 program
  • Longer school day
  • Longer school year
  • Wider and more intensive menu of academic, behavioral and medical supports
  • Triple the amount of professional development days for teachers


How do we know it works?

See our impact!