Our Story

Meeting Street Schools (MSS) is a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to the creation of a new mandate for education in South Carolina and beyond. MSS was founded upon the belief that all children deserve an excellent education regardless of their geographic or socioeconomic circumstances, and all children have the ability to excel in the classroom. Where access to quality public education or affordable private alternatives is often severely limited, MSS is providing children with transformational educational opportunities.

The Meeting Street Model

Our Vision

Our vision is to prove what is possible for all students in South Carolina and to fundamentally alter expectations for educators and students working in schools that serve under-resourced communities. Our focus is on schools because we believe that educational opportunity is the gateway for economic and personal achievement.

Our Beliefs

As leaders, parents, teachers and students, we believe that it is our collective
responsibility to…

  • Work hard and create joy
  • Develop academic and social emotional strengths
  • Continuously learn and improve
  • Value individuals and nurture relationships